I had a little free time one recent afternoon and I decided to work on a little craft project in my office/closet/craft room! I decided that my bookshelf that I'm using to store my purses and now shoes needed a little updating.
 It was a hot mess before. Totally disorganized and purses were on display that I don't even wear. So I put everything I don't wear(or like to look at) in bins in the closet and de-cluttered the whole thing.
It's embarrassing that I even posted this! ekk!
My little DIY:
I spotted this cute shelf liner at Marshalls for $5.99 and thought it would be perfect on the back of my bookshelf! I only ended up using one of the rolls with some to spare for the whole project.
 Since the liner is already sticky all I had to do was measure and cut. Easy peasy!
The actual sticking on was a bit more difficult, but because the paint of the bookshelf was a gloss I was able to peel off and rearrange until I was happy with the placement.
And I am beyond thrilled with the results!!

Such an inexpensive and fun way to make a big impact!!


JulesTX said...

Boy, the shelf lining backing the shelves sure makes it pop.

Great job !

In the Pink said...

So cute!!! I love it!

Southern Sass said...

This turned out so cute! I love it!