Cupcakes and Cocktails Birthday Party

For my birthday this year I decided to throw a 'Cupcakes and Cocktails' birthday party with a Lilly theme for all my friends!
It was so fun and everything turned out so cute! I will try to list sources of where everything is from since I've been getting so many questions!
I LOVED these cookies!
I ordered them from Sweet Goosie Girl on etsy
The cupcakes, assorted desserts and macaroons are from Ettore's off Fair Oaks Blvd (for those of you that are nearby). My friend Sarah went above and beyond and made the pink cupcakes with green monograms! And all the crackers and dip was from Whole Foods. This chin chin tablecloth & matching napkins was from The Pink Pelican.

I bought premade mixes for the drinks- I believe they are Bacardi (just didn't have the time to make myself!) and the mini chalkboards are from Cost Plus. In addition, I made a Watermelon mocktail for all my preggar friends!

Cupcake closeup

The flower arrangements were from Whole Foods, but I preorderd them and provided the mint julep vases. The Lilly tablecloth my Nana made for me! I ordered the fabric on Etsy and she added the pom poms and made a tablecloth and 6 napkins from 2 yards of fabric. It turned out so cute and everyone loved it!

I used my antique mint julep cups for our drinks and of course had pink and green straws (from my vast straw collection)
Napkin close up
I also had a little vignette on the desert table. I basically just added cute things I had around my house in addition to another flower bouquet.
For the favors, I gave a pink nail polish and nail file in a cute little bag.  I also printed 'thank you for attending stickers' for the back that matched my invites (the Lilly chandelier print on flat note cards).
And lastly, we played a fun Lilly themed matching game that I whipped up. If you are interested I can send you the PDF!
Thank you everyone who attended, all the thoughtful gifts, sweet birthday wishes and everyone else who helped make my birthday a special day!! XOXO
Also, make sure to check back tomorrow for an awesome Lilly giveaway!


#unmatched said...

what a fabulous party!

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

OMG what an ADORABLE party!!! Just LOVE everything and all of your attention to detail! Looks like it was a lovely time! Thanks for posting the links...I think I need to order the table cloth and napkins!

Ashley W said...

WHAT AN ADORABLE IDEA!! Oh my goodness, girlfriend, you should be planning parties for Lilly!

Sheri Ann || Sprinkles and Style said...

Seems like it was a great party! Everything from the decor, tablescape, and food completely matches the them. Love it! Happy belated birthday!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Such a cute party!!! LOVE the cookies and the rest of the food looks amazing!! Happy belated birthday!!

pinkandgreenpolkadots said...

Long time reader --- but lack on comments! Such a cute blog and birthday party --- LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweet game of matching the prints --- could i bother you for a copy of the PDF? So cute and so fun!!!!

pinkandgreenpolkadots said...

a follow-up from previous comment --- email:

Nancy said...

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