21st Birthday

What do you get your baby brother for his 21st birthday? I had no idea, so I browsed pinterest and came up with this:
A cake made out of beer!
Every 21 year old boy's dream right?! I thought it turned out pretty cute! And functional, of course! To make it I used an 30 pack of beer, a round tray, paper plates and clear tape (so he could take it home intact).
And this is what I wore to celebrate:
Skirt: J.Crew // Top: J.Crew // Tote: Lilly // Sandals: Monogrammed Bonannos
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Happy 21st Birthday Alex!


Melody M. said...

I am obsessed with your outfit! It's cute as a button!

HMF said...

That's such a cute "cake" -- and it seems like the type of gift a 21 year old guy would love!

Jill J. said...

Ha even my 30-something husband would love this! Great idea!

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