The Working Girl Watch

A few weeks ago, I did a post on "Working Girl Wedges" so today I thought I would share another of my 'Working Girl' favorites: the classic watch. 

I know most people use the clock on their phone to tell the time, as I also do, but it's really not professional at work. Whether I'm in a meeting or break at the office, I rely on my watch to make sure I am on time throughout the day. 

My favorite WGW! Love the 2 toned metals!

When looking for a watch for work, pick something classic. I would steer clear of bright colors and plastic-y straps. My strap favorites are leather or metal. I do wear chronograph watch, but a simple face is nice also. My current watch is a Michele, which can be pricey- but Nordstrom rack carries them form time to time. Micheal Kors is a standby favorite, but I've always loved the classic and more reasonably priced Timex watch. It's an added bonus if the strap can be changed out! Basically you want something classic- not loud, that will complement your work wardrobe. 

2. Timex
4. Timex

Do you wear a watch to work?



Jenn from A Pop of Style said...

When I got my first watch this May, I couldn't believe how I'd gone for so long without one! It's great to invest in one (in my opinion), so I asked my parents for a Burberry one for graduation. It's the best!

A Pop of Style

Allie Emme said...

Love them all especially the silver and gold MK one.
xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

Susan said...

I have a DKNY gold one that I wear everyday that's similar to the Michael Kors. Love it and I love yours!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love your new watch! I usually wear a casual MK watch and I have a casual Michele sports watch my boyfriend gave me Vday, it's perfect for the many days I wear Norts! I think I'll be asking my parents for a big girl watch though as a college grad present!

Linds said...

Love the Michele. Did you find yours at Nordstrom Rack? They never have cute ones when I go!