Friday Favorties

 Happy Friday! This week has really thrown me for a loop and I am SO ready for a nice weekend!

A few of my favorite things from this week:

I am pretty pleased with how cute my outfits turned out this week, esp since I put in zero effort :)
Chambray + black pants + leopard + monogram + turquoise = Casual Friday perfection!

White wool skirt with navy and light pink!

Turquoise, hot pink and gold!

NYE dinner outfit! Lilly Wilda dress tucked into a top!

My new neon walking shoes! Perfect for taking a walking/chatting break during work!

Our current hot chocolate routine.. Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate (the best) and Kahlua Peppermint Mocha, seriously the best combo for a cold day!

And of course, the Lilly Pulitzer Sale!!

Did anyone snag any good deals??!

Happy Weekend-ing! XOXO


Ally Archer said...

cute outfits! I just shopped the lilly sale too :) got a skirt and the small planner!


Alison Ryncarz said...

I have the same mug and hot chocolate Andrea!! I'm yet to add the Kahlua though... ;) hope you had a great week! Miss you!

Jenn from A Pop of Style said...

I didn't buy anything, but my friend got 4 dresses for $100 from Lilly... what a deal!

Tory Banknell said...

What a great idea to tuck the Wilda dress into jeans! Many need to steal it! Such cute outfits

uncoolmom17 said...

Love what you did with Wilda. I have the same dress in navy. Happy New Year!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Love the white wool skirt!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm loving all of your outfits!