DIY: Tassels

I've been loving on tassels recently.. it's such a fun way to spruce up your outfits or your home! 

My version:

lamp with tassel

Tools: Pack of embroderiy floss (or 2) and a metal circle. 

Take off the paper but don't undo the embroidery floss. Place metal circle in the fold of the floss. Cut off about 6 inches of floss, wrap and secure around top. 

Cut the loop at the bottom and trim up any strays!

Attach another string (or chain) to the metal circle and.. 

Voila! Cute lamp tassel!

And now onto a tassel necklace:

My Version:

cute tassel necklace

I decided to make mine with chain and a bead, but the same principle as above can also be used for the necklace!

You will need:
Wire cutters, Wire bending pylers (not shown), a fun bead, a pack of chain (some for the necklace and some for the tassels), and a pin with a hook-eye at the end.  I ended up not using the half ball tassel cover (but you easily could).

Cut the chain into 10(ish) 3-inch pieces for the tassels and put the end of the chain on the pin. They should layer nicely around the hook-eye.  

Then place your bead on top of the chains. 

I used about 15 inches of chain for the necklace portion. Hook the 2 ends on top of the bead though the pin. Use the wire benders to make a small loop to secure the chain in place. 

Voila! Your done! Now you can wear your new tassel necklace!

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Do you love tassels too?! 


Catherine said...

I love your necklace version, it's better than the original!

Wine and Summer said...

That's so cute! I love it! Looks better than the pin!

Elle said...

Awe you are too cute! I really like the necklace!

XOXO, Elle

Cotton said...

I really love the tassel necklace! I just ordered a cute one off baublebar but this is making me want to make another!

Rachel said...

I didn't realize tassels were so easy to make! lol. I love the idea of a tassel necklace, I'd never seen one before!

Unknown said...

I found you from the bloghop and already love your entries, especially the monograms - SO New England :)
Have a great Sunday!

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Kristin Dawn said...

Hey, new follower from Blog Hop over at Our Reflection. Such a cute idea! Can't wait to check out your blog some more. :)


Portuguese Prepster said...

Love this idea! on both the necklace and the lamp it looks great! although I guarantee I would mess it up!