Weekend Happenings!

Happy Monday Ladies!

I've been super busy and maybe a bit MIA lately, and that's because we moved and I've been redecorating! Really the most exciting part is that I convinced CWF I needed to turn the spare room into my closet/craft room! Seriously it's the best idea I've ever had!!!

A little preview of the shoe storage: 

In another corner of the room is my new monogram tray:

I purchased the gold tray from Pier One ($12) and put a monogram sticker on it! !!! I promise I'll post more closet/craft room pictures soon!

And we also got a new entertainment system for the the family room:
We just put a bunch of random stuff in there for the time being.. excited to fix it up! 

In other news... 
Recently I submitted a few photos to the Lilly website and they are now up! Can you spot them below?

Hope you all have a lovely day!!


Lindsey said...

I want your shoe collection!!! And love the tray!

Sara said...

You have mad skills! Wish I could convince my husband to make our spare room my closet annex! Nice job. Love the tray too! :)

Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

That tray is beautiful!! What a great idea!

Glitterista said...

Your shoes are gorgeous! Love the Lilly pictures, especially that gorgeous Seamus dress. ;)

Brooke said...

Shoe storage can be tricky.
Your shoe racks look great, thanks for the idea!



Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Drooling over your shoe storage!!