What to Wear: Ranch Style

 I had to be super selective in what I packed for our Wyoming trip since CWF and I were sharing a carry-on!  Talk about pressure to pack enough, still be cute, oh and fit some stuff in there for CWF ;) Also, even though we went to a ranch doesn't mean I wanted to look shabby!
So, I got creative and made sure I had pieces that could be mixed and matched to create new looks for each day while still being classic. I think I did a pretty good job!
Classic jewelry
These items would really be perfect for any fall getaway!


Brooke said...

Cute picks! I think that's a great idea for light weight packing...Mix and match!



Portuguese Prepster said...

you shared a suitcase? I am bowing down to your packing skills right now! I am the worst over packer ever! Love your picks!