Fleet Weekend

This past weekend I was invited on a {tug} boat to watch the Blue Angels and America's Cup in San Francisco Bay from the water! It was the perfect day! Thanks JJ for the invite!
Before we took off!

Downtown San Francisco
Ferry Building and Coit Tower (currently under the Bay Bridge) and an America's Cup boat (warming up)


Prada (Italy) boat warming up near the Golden Gate Bridge

Race time! The boats turned near Alcatraz

Love those Blue Angels!

Upside down!

So close to each other and the water!

Have you ever watched the Blue Angels?? 


Katie Did What said...

That is so cool! What a fun experience :) And watching all of that WHILE on a boat? Girl, that's pretty amazing.

Andrea said...

How fun! I have never seen the Blue Angels but would love to see their show one day!

Portuguese Prepster said...

sounds like a lovely time!