{DIY} Golf Club Spruce-Up

This is a quick little DIY that really goes a long way in helping your golf clubs look fresh again, and since we will be putting our clubs away for the winter soon it's the perfect time to do it! CWF was bothered that the paint fill had worn off on some of his clubs. After a bunch of online research we found the best way to fill the paint was with nail polish


Just fill in the letters/numbers with the polish color you wish (it can be super cheap, for the black I bought $1 stuff, since I would never actually use black!) and then wipe off the overflow with a paper towel or cotton ball. 

and yes.. these are camo wedges- CWF loves his camo!

Of course with these we stuck with the original colors, but the options are really endless! I plan to eventually change my putter paint fill to pink, once I get a matching pink leather grip :)



Ali said...

Pink would be too cute! I think about taking up golf and tennis all the time, mostly for the accessories and outfits. Luckily, my poppy loves both sports and so is more than happy to support this wish :)

Pinkie for Pink said...

Love your blog, especially the name :) I am a new follower! Would love if you could come visit and follow me.


Claire said...

I would totally change mine to pink too! I have no idea where my clubs are though haha I haven't played since my high school team! Loving the camo too though!