What's In My Purse?

I've been wanting to do a "what's in my purse" post for a while now, but honestly my purse is usually a hot mess, so this was a perfect excuse to clean it up!

I've been carrying my LV Neverful MM for the past few days, I attempt to rotate based on my outfit and I'm on a brown TB sandals kick.

1. Make-Up Bag, CWF calls me "Bunnie" so I thought this bag was quite fitting. I like to keep blush and chapstick for touchups throughout the day.
2. Keys and hair tie, I'm always in need of a spare hair tie! And you really never know when you might need a wine/bottle opener!
3. Chanel Sunnies, CWF bought these for me in Maui, love them!
4. Random beauty supplies, hand sanitizer, perfume, evian facial spray (for those hot days on the golf course), or when you need to touch up your nail polish.
5. Moroccan oil (to keep my hair looking amaze), my favorite sugar fresh chapstick, and gum.
6. Cell phone with monogram cover (obviously)
7. Tissue, I have aweful allergies and I get bloody noses in the summer.
8. Wallet, love how it can double as a clutch (it expands to fit my phone & keys) so I don't have to carry my big purse!

I'm linking up with Chanel and Chocolate Cake for the whats in my purse linkup. And becasue today's Sunday Social theme is also about handbags, I'm liking up with Neely too!

Favorite handbag I've ever owned?
Since I rotate I can never pick just one favorite (or I would I always use the same one!)- so here most of my faves!
Can you tell I like pink?! And that I have a slightly OOC handbag obsession?!

What is my dream handbag?
hermes birkin, of course!
I'll take it in taupe, please and thank you!!

What are your purse esententials?
In addition to the items above, I would add a pen, notepad, a mirror, my ID badge for work (I'm always losing it) and my Lilly planner! But since I am always switching my bag I usually forget something!

I hope you all enjoyed the little peak into my handbag! Have a wonderful Sunday!


Unknown said...

Cute blog!
Found on social Sunday :)

Now following!


Anonymous said...

I definitely linked up with Sunday Social and What's in my purse this weekend! Loved your post!
XO Anna

Jenn from A Pop of Style said...

Wow, I am IN LOVE with these purses, I think we have the same style haha. I'm your newest follower!


Elizabeth McMullen said...

love the LV, that's the one I want! (one day!) Thank you for linking up, it means a lot!! Do you like that Evian spray? I've wanted to try it, but haven't been able to justify it.


Ashley said...

LOVE your monogrammed Longchamp! Mine is practically falling apart and I need a new one ASAP!

Liesl said...

First off, I lover your bag, and it is so fun to see what others carry in theirs...I have the same Extra gum in mine, right now! So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog, and I hope you are having a Wonderful Week so far! :)

Glitterista said...

I just love these posts! Love your bunny makeup bag, and of course your Louis tote. :)