Seersucker and Funfetti Dip

This past weekend I went to a fourth of July BBQ and wore my new seersucker skirt! Nothing reminds me of summer, BBQ's and America's Bday more than seersucker... And I got a killer deal- on sale for only $12 at Franchesca's! 
 I paired it with my Kate Spade pearl bow bracelet, j.crew top and Tory Burch sandals.

 I've seen the recipe for funfetti dip around the blog world for a few weeks and thought I would give it a go.. and let me tell you it is soo good!! I made it for a sweet coworkers birthday and everyone couldn't stop raving about it!

 Have you tried the dip yet? It def tastes like your eating cake batter, but healthier!

Also I'm thinking about doing a giveaway when I hit 200 followers (I only need one more!) so stay tuned for that!!  


Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

Thanks for linking up with The Blogger Party!
Keep spreading the word on facebook and twitter, I really appreciate!
Thank you so much for the love & support!!

Alisa Marie said...

OMG - I've been wanting to make that Funfetti dip FOREVER! I can imagine that it tastes amazing! Looks like a big bowl of ice cream :)

Love that seersucker skirt, super cute!

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