Happy Hour

I've been on a Happy Hour kick the past few weeks, I'll blame it on the heat wave and not my sub-par cooking skills, but none the less it's still my favorite time all day!

-Cute dressy-casual outfits
-Drink and appetizer specials
-And the best company a girl could ask for..

I wore this the other night to a swanky downtown place:

J.crew shorts, belt, wedges. Lilly elsa top (similar-ish)

The best part of this outfit is the vintage rattan clutch given to me by my Great-Grandma! 

In case your a Sacramento Area reader, my fave HH places are:
Cafeteria 15L
Ruth Chris
Pizza Rock
Cafe Benardo
3 Fires Lounge

cafeteria 15L

Pizza Rock

Please share if you know of any other place I'm missing out on! 


Alisa Marie said...

Love that top - super cute! I love that the clutch is from your great grandma! Alot of the jewelery I have is also from my grandma, she can't believe that I actually want to wear it!

AlisaMarie {http://allthingsalisamarie.blogspot.com}

Anonymous said...

AH I am so jealous of your elsa...I waited too long for the same one to go on sale at our Lilly store and then they didn't have my size. I love it on you!!

Faith said...

Loving your outfit! Such cute wedges!

And I love HH too!

Ashley said...

LOVE the wedges! Did you get them recently!? They are SO cute!

And I agree, Happy Hour is the BEST!

preppylove said...

Love your top! Outfit is super cute! Happy hour is hands down the best hour.


Claire said...

Loving your Elsa!!!!

Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman said...

SUCH a cute outfit!!

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Just found your blog--cute!! Love your wedges and happy hours! Stop by my blog and say hi sometime!

StyleIDnet said...

Beautiful outfit.
You look Very Cute and Classy.

* Filomenas Closet *

Courtney said...

Totally loving this outfit. Its so San Diego to me. <3 Courtney BaxtronLife

Bre said...

I have always walked by Three Fires, but have never gone inside. Gonna have to give that a whirl someday.