Go Team USA!

So I'm pretty obsessed with the Olympics, and I can't wait to watch the Opening Ceremony tonight! I've been known to live stream the events during the day because I can't handle suspense of the evening coverage..  CWF hates this of course because we watch it together and I always end up shouting out the winner! I just can't help it, I need Team USA to win! :) And this year, I actually have a cousin competing in the high jump- so we are all super excited for that!

Anyway, to celebrate I whipped up this pennant banner and I think it turned out pretty cute for only using things I had on hand. 

 I actually just cut up a bunch of old JCrew paper bags (this is the inside) to get the kraft paper look! 

Here's some other cute DIY Olympic party ideas via Pinterest:
Olympics muffins #olympics


Maybe I'll have to throw a little party on the final night of gymnastics :)

What's your favorite Olympic sport??!


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Sarah said...

This looks like so much fun. Now I really want to throw an Olympics party! Haha. I've been posting on and off about the games, and this is such a great topic. Great post!

Mary Beth said...

I am so excited for the Olympics too!

Love the party ideas!