A Baseball Game

Last weekend CWF and I attended the Battle of the Bay (San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland A's) baseball game with a bunch of my high school friends.  Its been a yearly tradition and we always get a box! Which by the way, is the best way to watch a game!

I grew up having season tickets to the Giants, so I've always been a SF fan- but after watching Moneyball recently I decided I would root for the A's! I just feel so bad for them! 

I never know what to wear to these things since I don't own any team gear, so I put something together with their colors instead! and wore my bubble necklace for the bajillionth time.. 

I actually ended up leaving my phone at the game, so I was phone-less most of this past week. I blame it on too many margaritas! Oppsies! At first I felt a bit lost without my phone, but it turned into a much needed technology break! So I apologize for not posting here- I know some of you were having anxiety about it! haha

Well, I'm off to watch True Blood and catch up on my blog reading, but I'll be back tomorrow! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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