White Jeans

I love white jeans, they are just so classic for summer.  I went out with friends after work yesterday and thought this teal top with my teal bubble necklace look-alike was the perfect combo for a summer evening outfit!

 Top- Forever 21, Jeans and Wedges- J.crew, Purse- Rebecca Minkoff, Sunnies-Michael Kors

How do you wear your white jeans?! Hope you all are having a great week so far!

Go Team USA!

So I'm pretty obsessed with the Olympics, and I can't wait to watch the Opening Ceremony tonight! I've been known to live stream the events during the day because I can't handle suspense of the evening coverage..  CWF hates this of course because we watch it together and I always end up shouting out the winner! I just can't help it, I need Team USA to win! :) And this year, I actually have a cousin competing in the high jump- so we are all super excited for that!

Anyway, to celebrate I whipped up this pennant banner and I think it turned out pretty cute for only using things I had on hand. 

 I actually just cut up a bunch of old JCrew paper bags (this is the inside) to get the kraft paper look! 

Here's some other cute DIY Olympic party ideas via Pinterest:
Olympics muffins #olympics


Maybe I'll have to throw a little party on the final night of gymnastics :)

What's your favorite Olympic sport??!

What I Wore Wednesday

Yesterday was a big day for me.  After almost 2 years, I finally closed my father's estate (read about it here).  As I expected it to be, it was bittersweet. I am so happy and relived to finally be done, but I am a bit sad for it to be over at the same time. So I did what we are best at, and CWF & I went out for a celebratory dinner!

I wore a bright green dress and my new Jimmy Choos! Perfect for a hot summer night!

Dress- Marshalls, Earrings- Kendra Scott, Bangles- Kate Spade, Sandals- Jimmy Choo 

I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy for WIWW!

Cheers to a new chapter!

Monogrammed Background Tutorial

It seems that monogrammed wallpaper is everywhere these days, so I thought I would give you a quick tutorial on how to make it yourself! And it's really easy!

I used Microsoft Publisher, but you can use PowerPoint and it's the same process.

1. Open your program, insert your previously saved picture (I choose Lilly's You Gotta Regatta) (insert tab- picture-and browse for it). 

2. For the monogram, insert tab- insert shape. I choose a circle, but you can choose anything. Draw the circle to the desired size (you can change this later).

3. Right click your shape, and the below options will appear. Click Format AutoShape. 

4. The Format AutoShape Options will appear. For my shape I wanted the fill (inside the circle) to be white so I choose my color and made sure the transparency is at 0%. I choose pink for my Line Color, and a thick line with a weight of 6pt for my line style. I would suggest playing around with the settings and seeing what you like! Click OK when done.

5. Now create your letters for the monogram. Each letter should be in its own text box (insert tab- draw text box). Choose your font, font size and color now too.

6. Now move the letters into the center of the circle. You can move the letters a tiny amount for centering by using the arrow keys. Now click outside your picture to the top left and draw a box around all the shapes, making sure to include the picture, the shape and the letters. Once everything is highlighted click the Group button on the home tab.

7. Right click on your grouped image and the below box will appear, click "Save as Picture". Now save your image. If something was not grouped from the previous step, it will not appear in your saved picture.

8. Now open as your desktop background! Here is my finished product (had to cover my personal files with white, sorry!):

Hope this was helpful to everyone! I'm sure there are several ways at doing this, so play around! And if you have any questions or would like me to make you one because you are stuck, please feel free to email me!

What's In My Purse?

I've been wanting to do a "what's in my purse" post for a while now, but honestly my purse is usually a hot mess, so this was a perfect excuse to clean it up!

I've been carrying my LV Neverful MM for the past few days, I attempt to rotate based on my outfit and I'm on a brown TB sandals kick.

1. Make-Up Bag, CWF calls me "Bunnie" so I thought this bag was quite fitting. I like to keep blush and chapstick for touchups throughout the day.
2. Keys and hair tie, I'm always in need of a spare hair tie! And you really never know when you might need a wine/bottle opener!
3. Chanel Sunnies, CWF bought these for me in Maui, love them!
4. Random beauty supplies, hand sanitizer, perfume, evian facial spray (for those hot days on the golf course), or when you need to touch up your nail polish.
5. Moroccan oil (to keep my hair looking amaze), my favorite sugar fresh chapstick, and gum.
6. Cell phone with monogram cover (obviously)
7. Tissue, I have aweful allergies and I get bloody noses in the summer.
8. Wallet, love how it can double as a clutch (it expands to fit my phone & keys) so I don't have to carry my big purse!

I'm linking up with Chanel and Chocolate Cake for the whats in my purse linkup. And becasue today's Sunday Social theme is also about handbags, I'm liking up with Neely too!

Favorite handbag I've ever owned?
Since I rotate I can never pick just one favorite (or I would I always use the same one!)- so here most of my faves!
Can you tell I like pink?! And that I have a slightly OOC handbag obsession?!

What is my dream handbag?
hermes birkin, of course!
I'll take it in taupe, please and thank you!!

What are your purse esententials?
In addition to the items above, I would add a pen, notepad, a mirror, my ID badge for work (I'm always losing it) and my Lilly planner! But since I am always switching my bag I usually forget something!

I hope you all enjoyed the little peak into my handbag! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Pop of Neon

Do you remember the birthday wishlist post I did a while back? Well I really wanted a new dslr camera and CWF finally found me one! It's the Nikon D800 and its amazing but way over my head.. Silly boys and always wanting the best! :)

So I did what any blogger would do, and ran outside to take an OOTN before a super causal dinner out (you know.. at In n Out!)

Neon pink shorts: Jcrew (similar). Sandals: Jcrew. Button down: gap. Sunnies: Chanel. 

I purchased these shorts several years ago and love how neon is now/still in style! 

Here's a cute way to incorporate a little neon in at the office:

To play it on the safe side,  I prefer to pair the neon with neutrals for a professional outfit, just so you don't get too many 'looks' from unstylish coworkers...

How do you wear your neon?!

Weekend Recap

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! You all made me jelly with your weekend plans in my giveaway post :)

Mine was spent at the golf course:

Playing badminton with my brother, Alex:

 And going to the California State Fair with my grandparents!

And speaking of my grandparents, they are in town from Arizona- but they are local celebrities.. read all about them here!


Happy Hour

I've been on a Happy Hour kick the past few weeks, I'll blame it on the heat wave and not my sub-par cooking skills, but none the less it's still my favorite time all day!

-Cute dressy-casual outfits
-Drink and appetizer specials
-And the best company a girl could ask for..

I wore this the other night to a swanky downtown place:

J.crew shorts, belt, wedges. Lilly elsa top (similar-ish)

The best part of this outfit is the vintage rattan clutch given to me by my Great-Grandma! 

In case your a Sacramento Area reader, my fave HH places are:
Cafeteria 15L
Ruth Chris
Pizza Rock
Cafe Benardo
3 Fires Lounge

cafeteria 15L

Pizza Rock

Please share if you know of any other place I'm missing out on! 

What I Wore Wednesday: Prep Green

Happy Wednesday ladies! It's that time again, for What I Wore Wednesday over at the Pleated Poppy

This is one of my favorite dresses from last Spring (2011) but I always feel a bit iffy wearing it to work (thin straps and a V back!) and it ends up not getting worn as much as it should.. So a paired it with a cardi and belt and now it's work-appropriate!

How do you make things more work-appropriate?

On another note, I just love ebay! I found these brand new Jimmy Choos for the price of Steve Maddens! 
I've actually been on the hunt for them for quite a while, last year I fell in love with the simpleness of them but never pulled the trigger on purchasing them and of course they were discontinued. They were always the ones that got away! 

Hope you ladies are all having a great week!

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2012

Have you all seen the Lilly fall collection? Love all of the prints and the dresses are all very work-appropriate! 

All images via ReLilly

Like I said, great for work! And that elephant print?! TDF! I'm also loving the dressy-dresses too! Portia dress is AMAZING.! Ekk I'm saving my money already!

Beading Crazy

This weekend I went a bit crazy with beading!  After doing a bunch of online shopping I had a late night epiphany that I could make my own statement necklaces (CWF thought I had gone mad!).. of course it wasn't as easy as I thought but I think they turned out pretty cute! 

My outfit today at work:

This one is so different than anything I usually wear, but I love it!

I love the beads on this one:
I think this one would be perfect with a white or navy top!

 I love pink and turquoise together (see my blog header!) and this one would be so fun with Lilly!
Of course, the best part about making your own jewelry is that its much cheaper and you get exactly what you want!

Have you ever tried to make your own jewelry?!

4th of July Recap

I hope you ladies all had a wonderful Independence Day! I spent day with friends, (and aren't they adorable?! I love them!!) BBQing and watching fireworks! The usual July 4th activities :)

I absolutely love this top, its so flattering and perfect for summer! and don't mind me standing on my tippy toes, I'm just so short!

Since I'm obsessed with patriotic decorations and all things Americana, here's a few fun things from the day:

Megan (above, left) took coordinating fabrics and glued them to twigs to make little flags! It made such a cute and rustic centerpiece!

I made these patriotic strawberries:
Just dip strawberries in melted white chocolate and then dip in blue sugar right away. Turned out cute and yummy and could work for other events too!

Megan's cute mantle:

 I got this dress on super sale at j.crew (like $20!) last weekend, and its perfect for those cool Bay Area summer nights and just right for a little pre-4th fireworks:

Hope you all have a great day!! XOXO