My US Open Outfit

Today is the first day of the US Open! This year it's being held at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, so naturally we are going. Since I have to work I won't be there until the weekend, but somehow CWF was able to play hookie and attend every day! I'm soo jelly!!!

If you are unsure what I am even talking about, don't worry! The US Open is the second major golf tournament of the year (1st being the Master's) and open to any professional or amateur golfer with a handicap not exceeding 1.4 and that has qualified. (This movie was about an amateur caddy that won)

Anyway, this is what I plan on wearing: 
Lacoste polo, Lilly Marigold skort, Jack Purcells, a pashmina for warmth (it is SF afterall!), and my longchamp backpack!

Unfortunately, we can't bring our phones or cameras, so I won't be able to take any pictures... but I'll try to sneak it in!

On another note, CWF has been so thoughtful lately- he bought me a bunch of peonies and they are now brightening up my office cubicle! 

Is anyone else going to the US Open?? If so, I would love to meet up!!  Who are your favorites to win?? I always choose Phil over Tiger, but we'll see!



JulesTX said...

Love your outfit !

Elle said...

I love peonies, those are so pretty! Great outfit too!

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

AHH - my fiance would have loved to go this weekend!! He is pretty disappointed we didn't plan accordingly lol. Hope you had fun!! I am your newest follower from the hop :)