Rainy Day Chic

It's finally Friday! This week has been dragging for me.. but I am def looking forward to a nice relaxing {rainy} weekend!

Just last night I was chatting with my cousin Christine about her upcoming honeymoon in Seattle & the San Juan Islands, and how she needed to find a cute trench coat in case it rains.. So I thought I would put together a cute outfit  for jetting around the Pacific-Northwest! and coincidentally this week's Friday's Fancies with Long Distance Loving is all about April Showers!

Trench, rain flats, jeans, scarf, umbrella, sweater: j.crew, bag: longchamp (with her new monogram?!), watch: kate spade

I love the rainy day bow flats from j.crew- so adorbs!!

But if you don't check the weather report like me, then you will end up wearing linen pants and wedges in the rain with crazy frizzy hair to work:
j.crew jacket (on sale now!) & wedges, f21 linen pants (old)

Have a happy Friday!! So jelly of all you heading to the races this weekend! XO

Maxi Inspiration

I adore maxi dresses, but since I'm rather short I usually avoid them. Until the other day.. the red dress boutique posted one that I just had to have! Then it sold out. 

Malibu Maxi Dress-Turquoise

Insert current Old Navy commercial to the rescue! The dress is featured and I knew immediately it was a perfect replacement.

It's perfect for looking casual but cute- which is why I'm wearing it to drinks tonight!!!

Springtime Faves

What I love about the springtime:

Wearing sandals
I'm a sandals or barefoot girl through and through!

 Easter and all the fun activities
 the cutest Easter cupcakes ever that my co-worker made!

dying Easter eggs!

my Easter dress last year

this year's dress:
a new lilly dress might be my fav part..

Spring flowers

Springtime flowers are def my favorite! 
I'm getting married in the spring just so I can have peonies! (FYI CWF)

 Getting my golf game on!

I took a winter hiatus from golf and I'm excited to get back into it!!

 Patio dining
 One of my fav things ever is to sit on the patio (in my backyard or out and about) and enjoy good company, yummy food & drinks, and soak up the sun. 

Linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy for Top Five Tuesday!

What do you love about springtime?

Palm Springs Bachelorette

This past weekend I headed down to Palm Springs for a bachelorette party! 

The invite read:

Please join us
for a swanky weekend
of retro bikinis, little black dresses and cocktails

A Mad Men themed bachelorette soirée
In Honor of the Bride to Be Christine 

We sat poolside at the ultra hip Ace hotel: 

 Loving the warm weather and yummy drinks!

A few of the girls and the bachelorette!

My going out outfit!
Lilly dress, jessica simpson pumps, f21 necklace- only $3!!, TB clutch

We had such a blast! Everything turned out just perfectly! So perfectly I can't share any other pictures ;)

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!!

Spring Cleaning

I've been doing some major spring cleaning lately.. It's been great to re-evaluate my wardrobe, get rid of general house junk and to do an overall de-clutter. Like a spiritual cleanse of things!

Anyway this spread was is Matchbook Magazine's first issue (I've saved it ever since!) and it has been quite useful when considering which things to keep or not. 

Pinned Image

I own most everything here, just a few more I need.. Hermes scarf anyone?!

Anyway, I find it quite helpful when shopping as well. It would probably be best to build a solid wardrobe (esp for you working girls or soon to be!) using this, instead of buying a bunch of trendy things you will end up throwing out in a few years (ahem.. me currently)

The checklist version:

our checklist of 50 classics for every Matchbook girl’s closet from our premier issue!

Here's a few more spring cleaning ideas courtesy of this month's Matchbook Mag edition, Page 62:

Is anyone else in Spring Cleaning mode??! 

 Happy Wednesday!!

St. Patty's Day

I love St. Patrick's Day! As I am part Irish, I feel it is my duty to partake in all the activities!

Since this year it falls on a Saturday, I'm all over it! rain and all! I was invited to a bar crawl with sorority sisters as well as Junior League friends, so I will be plenty busy!

J.crew sweater & jeans, frye boots, Kendra Scott jewelry, Tory clutch

Hope you have a safe and fun St. Patty's day!!

Keeping In Touch

Happy Thursday ladies!

I'm heading off to happy hour in a few so I'll keep this quick..

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Toodles for now my lovely readers!!


I'm totally obsessed with this Kate Spade watch.. It's pure perfection. Gold, a touch of hot pink, and the date, oh my!!

It's too bad I already have a gold watch or this baby would already be mine. Maybe 2 gold watches are better than one?!


A few months ago I paticipated in a monogram swap with Everyday AEM and According to Crystal. I was paired up with Tamara over at T times 3. She gave me the cutest pink & navy monogrammed Tervis tumbler! I literally squealed when I opened the box! 

Seriously you guys it is soo adorbs! I use it everyday at work! Love love love it!! Thanks Tamara! And you guys should def check out her blog, she is just the cutest newlywed with lots of great recipes and pretty pictures!!

I've been loving a few other monogrammed goodies lately too..

I love my pink pillow that now spruces up my office chair, I actually received it as a gift in high school but the coolest part is that my friend Mallory MADE IT! Yep, not only did she embroider it but she picked out the fabric and sewed it up! "A" mug from anthro- xmas gift. And since you all asked about my longchamp- I purchased the bag from Nordies, then I had it monogrammed by a local shop. I know that Saks monograms them as well- but I wanted pink.

Happy Wednesday!! and remember today is the last day to enter my giveaway!!

Monday Blues

Happy Monday my lovely readers! It's been gorgeous outside for the last few days and I've been soaking in as much sun as possible. As for today, I am stuck inside, but on the bright side I was able to take this pretty picture on my morning walk!

Also some tips to enjoy the day, 
whether your inside or out basking in the sun!!

how to have a lovely day...

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Traditional Home

Last night I was at the hair salon reading Traditional Home magazine and it made me sooo excited for our new abode! There's just something about the blue and whites color palate that I absolutely adore. So elegant and chic at the same time, and I love the fact that it will never really go out of style!




blue & white

Happy Thursday!!