Rainy Day

We are finally getting some rain here in Northern California. Besides really needing it, it's great that I am finally able to wear my new rainboots and my fav umbrella.

Seriously this umbrella is amaze.

It's a davek. It goes up AND down with a push of a button and it has a lifetime guarantee. They will replace if it ever breaks, but it is made so well that it shouldn't!

rainboots: hunter, jeans, sweater, top: j.crew

If I wasn't a working girl I would def be curled up in bed with some tea and my new book, Unbroken. 

Have you read it? What do you like to do on a rainy day?


Anonymous said...

I am going to look for one of those umbrellas - I go through about 10 a year because we have such windy and wet weather where I live - sob!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Aw your look adorable in your boots too! I am reading The American Hieress this week, love reading a good book on a rainy day!

Susan said...

Love your outfit! Hunters are the best aren't they? I've had mine for awhile, and they're oh so versatile! And score for that lifetime warranty. That's really nice, especially for umbrellas! Have a lovely weekend!

Cori H. said...

Your rainy day outfit is so cute! Sounds like a great umbrella too!