Pink & Green & Navy

What's pink and green and navy blue all over?

Well this past weekend, me!

I went to my hometown this past weekend to relax and spend time with family. My mom just returned from her cruise and I hadn't seen CWF's parents since November. I also had the chance to meet up with my cousin to spend some quality time doing wedding planning (for her, not me!).

When I go home I like to pack light, which for me is something that took a long time to learn to do. Growing up we would go on vacay where I was only allowed to bring 1 suitcase gasp! and I would shove clothes in my pillowcase, wear extra layers, whatever it took! As I got older and there was no suitcase limit, I would have a separate bag for my shoes and sometimes that was on an overnight stay! Anyway, it's just much easier to pack light now, and if done right you don't have to compromise looking cute!! 

So I packed a green & navy elsa, green sweaternavy scarf, pale pink earrings, a pair of jeans and navy revas and Volia! my weekend outfits were complete!

I apologize there are no outfit of me out and about, I was having too much fun to take a pic!

Wore this:
 new bangles! love them!!

While doing this:
pasta & wine for lunch, super chic florist window, some shopping, and pretty mocha.

Sunday was a bit more relaxing, so I wore this:

love my new pale pink earring too!

I have to say pink & green & navy is by far my fav color combo!!

Well I hope you all had a fab weekend too! XO


Susan said...

Love those earrings! Your outfit is so springlike, I love it!

Laura said...

Love the print on your top - great photos!

Laura :)

Claire said...

I LOOOOVE your Elsa!!! I have been debating about whether or not to purchase one and want to so badly! Hope you had a fantastic Monday!

Lindsey Leigh said...

I love your elsa !! I have one on the way.... Did you see the $30 ones on the recent RLL sale? i MISSED out but am am the still want it list.

Sarah said...

I love your outfits!