Friday's Fancies

I've been slacking lately on my Friday's Fancies, and this week's theme 'Winter White' was too cute to pass up! So of course I'm linking up with {long distance loving}!

Actually wearing white in the winter time makes me a bit uncomfortable, like I'm somehow breaking the rules. So I don't do it often. But I do have a fab white coat from j.crew that I love to wear on occasion! See me wear it here. {did I ever mention I scored it for $22 on super clearance?! I had to fight another lady for it! but its the deal of a lifetime I tell you!!}

Friday's Fancies

Friday's Fancies by missandrealee 

This outfit (or a variation of) is something I wear quite often. I can get away with wearing my reva collection throughout the winter because it really doesn't get that cold here. (It's supposed to be 60+ on Christmas!) As you can tell from my previous Friday's Fancies, I love all my Kendra Scott jewelry too!

TGIF Ladies! TGIF!

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Ana {Oh Simply Loving You!} said...

I am in love with this outfit! I am loving the color choices here