Random Ramblings and a Monogram Pin

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far, mine's been busy but nice. I'm looking forward to the short work week! I'm also thinking about putting my xmas stuff up this weekend (I've been deterred up until now because the stockings haven't arrived yet and i have the cutest turkeys out now that I don't want to put away!)

Thank you all for the very sweet comments on my last post, it means a lot to me. 

I thought I would show you all the fun flats I've been wearing since its turned a bit more chilly lately. (and I don't have an outfit picture taker.. boo )

I'm thinking I need this sweater from J.crew. I had a cardigan in a similar color that I ruined (ie I wore it to death and it fell apart) and I never replaced it. But I'm thinking this will be perfect:
Tippi sweater

Lately I've been wearing my grandmother's monogram pin on my coats. We shared the same birthday and she was my favorite. Her pin makes me happy!  

Last week I mentioned we went shopping in SF. This orange bag is what I came back with, which let me tell you spells TROUBLE. It's CWF's fav store and he just can't help himself. We are planning to go back this Friday to get his new wallet monogrammed and so I'm going to try to talk him into buying me an enamel bracelet. Hehe..

 Have a lovely rest of your day!! I'm getting super excited for Lilly's bday tomorrow and all the GWPs! Check back tomorrow for a recap of what I got!!


Miss Southern Prep said...

What cute shoes you've be wearing! I love those leopard flats! And I love that monogrammed pin!

Stesha said...

i love all of these!!! and i love the idea of pins. PS that yellow sweater is amazing!!

found your blog and am loving it!!

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