Monday Blues

Coming back to the office from a lovely 3-day weekend really is the NOT the business. But these shoes are:

CWF bought them for me for xmas last year, and I happen to know that his xmas gift this year will be even better! If that is even possible?! (but unlike me, you will have to wait until xmas to find out what it is! I will tell you though that we bought them this past weekend in SF..)

And if your wondering, I'm planning on wearing these to my wedding one day... who cares that I'm not even engaged! They are my dream wedding shoes.. sssh.. don't tell CWF though! ;)

Oh and I almost forgot.. my Mr. Kitty Monday picture:

he loves to "hide" in the sink

Happy Monday!


Bless Your Heart said...

Heavens, those shoes ate gorgeous!! Lucky girl!

ashlyn | nicole said...

three day weekends sure are awesome! :]
lovely shoes girl!


Legally Brunette Kate said...

Those shoes ARE gorgeous. LOVE the color!