Christmas Fever

Confession: I've been bitten by the Christmas bug early and hard this year! I'm only confessing this now after Halloween but it def. started a few weeks ago. I really don't know what the deal is but I can't. wait. to. decorate. I think I might even decorate before Thanksgiving, way before, next week maybe? Just kidding. Sort of.

I already purchased some new stockings from Pottery Barn. They are running a free monogram promotion on stockings and tree skirts until tomorrow, so I feel like it was justified. ("freemono" in case your interested)

CWF and I will get a snowflake one, and Mr. Kitty will get the smaller white one. 

I may have also gotten these pillows:
 For my favorite West Elm chair (I also already have a coordinating table cloth!)

Love this one! It will go perfectly with some other pillows we have on the couch 

On our bed

I decorate our Christmas tree very traditional with glass balls in gold and silver and gold bows. So, I'm not really looking to improve there, I just want to decorate the mantle and every other corner of the house. I can't wait!! 

Is anyone else as Christmas Crazy as I am this year??


Claire said...

I have CRAY CRAY Christmas fever right now- this isn't helping haha! I cannot WAIT to decorate!

Stephanie said...

so with you...for some reason I canNOT wait for Christmas!

Miss Mary said...

I loved this post, because I am the same way! I have been stocking up on ornaments and am ready to get this show on the road! :)