Halloween Costume Help!

Good Morning Ladies! I canceled my scheduled blog post for today because I really need some help with my Halloween costume!

As of yesterday  afternoon I was going to be a flapper. Yesterday evening we were invited to an amazing party that is more akin to a "costume ball" . Basically this flapper outfit is out.
this photo was taken moments before we got the invite.. or I wouldn't be looking mildly happy..

So I ask you my dear readers, what should I be? It needs to be fancy! The bf needs to be matching as well..
I have no idea where to start because: 
1. I've never been to a fancy Halloween party before (only college parties- with skantastic outfits..)
2. Costume stores only have cheapy (skanky) Halloween costumes

Help please! 

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Elle said...

Ah! I have so many ideas!! I'm not exactly sure how fancy it needs to be but here are a few... Don & Betty Draper, Elle Woods, Cinderella & Prince Charming, or if it's like a few of the balls I have been to, buy a beautiful gown and wear a gorgeous mask!