In the wedges vs. pumps battle wedges win for me hands down! Wedges are my absolute favorite in the summer and I would literally wear them everyday if I could. Recently I've been obsessed with these pink wedges (perfection!!)

Wore this to work last Friday. Not sure if these Bermudas were really work appropriate but whatev!

Wore my peel and eat shift on Sunday for errands and then an impromptu BBQ at my place.

Close up! Mr. Kitty wanted to get in on the action too. 

 Do you prefer wedges or pumps? Or does it depend on the season?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Back to work tomorrow and only 10 more days until our Maui vacay!! 


Legally Brunette Kate said...

I'm a huge wedge addict. I'm not the best at walking in heels and I find wedges so much easier. I love yours in pink!

Steel Magnolia said...


If I have a choice I ALWAYS choose wedges!!