Off to Maui!

By this time tomorrow I will be in Maui for 2 and a half weeks!! We are soo excited for a much needed vacation!!

balcony, taken a few years ago

While I am gone I will try to post here and comment on your lovely blogs, but no promises! I've asked my cousin, Christine, to do some guest posts, but I honestly don't know what she has planned! Hope you enjoy it!



Caitlin C. said...

Ahh I'm so jealous of you!! Take lots of pictures on vaca and come back with a tan! :)

Stephanie said...

have SO much fun! I'll be in Honolulu in 3 weeks!!

henning love said...

wow lucky you maui for 2.5 weeks can i be packed in your suitcase? jealous! have a great time see you when you get back :-)