Fall Handbag

I really want a new fall handbag. Of course I can't make up my mind which one! The options are: the Balenciaga City bag or Chanel Cavier Jumbo Classic Strap. Both are crazy expensive, but I've been on a quality vs. quantity kick. Basically I feel like I have a lot of great clothes but not that many great timeless bags. Besides my small LV collection of course, but I'm a little over it. 


Balenciaga City: I've wanted this bag for a long time, but is it too trendy? I may or may not "visit" this bag at my local nordstrom every time I'm at the mall..

Or the ever classic Chanel bag.. So timeless and I could pass this down to my children (that's how my vintage designer collection started) but why would I want to buy something just for future kids? Hmm...

Which would you choose??

My absolute dream bag would be a Birkin (I'm sure its everyone's) but the bf LOVES it! He is pretty obsessed with Hermes himself and wants to get me one someday! 

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