Bridal Shower Gifts

It seems these days that all my friends are getting married. Which is wonderful, I am beyond excited for all of them!! However, there are quite a few gift-giving opportunities that come along with all the festivities and if you don't plan correctly it can hurt your wallet! Along with that I like to get things that are more personalized to the couple. Hopefully that way they will absolutely love my gift!

For an engagement party (expected to spend less) my go-to gift would be to purchase these with the couples new last name initial:


For a bridal shower I've been really liking Haymarket Designs' monogramed trays:

Or Marley Lilly's cutting boards customized to their kitchen theme (when I haven't known their theme I used the style of their wedding invitations as a guide):

Or if you fell more comfortable sticking with the gift registry,  instead of giving them just 4 margarita glasses (or whatever) I've done a "theme" and put together a gift basket. For the margarita theme gift basket some skinny girl margarita is a must! along with flavored salt, cute coasters, you could even put it all in a drink bucket (with their monogram?!) and cute napkins. I'd really rather spend a little more time and effort to put together something much more memorable and fun!

What do you all for gifts? Do you have a "go-to" that you like to give a version of? Or do you give theme gifts like me? I love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


Carley said...

So cute!! I love Nico and Lala's lucite trays, they are similar to Marlee Lilly and Haymarket Design items but these are little catch-alls that make great gifts! Thanks for entering my giveaway, I have you down for two entries! Best of luck!

Mrs Nautical Belle said...

Being a newly engaged girl I would totally love any of these gifts!


Legally Brunette Kate said...

Cute ideas! I really love the Marley Lilly cutting boards...I might have to get one for myself.