Aloha from Maui!

We are having a wonderful time over here in Maui. The weather is beautiful and everything has been just perfect. We have been golfing quite a few times, been to several beaches (paddleboarding!) and had some excellent food. One of my favorite things here is grilling fresh fish and sitting on the lanai with a glass of wine watching the sunset. I don't know anything that could be better!

Some pictures so far:
 Kapalua Plantation Course

King Kamehameha Golf Club

Mama's Fish House at Sunset (forgot the dlsr at the condo so unfortunalty you cant see the sunset!)

Doesn't get much better than this!

We have a lot more planned for the next week and half, so hopefully I can find time to upload more pics! 
PS. Did everyone find good stuff at the LP sale? I had a hard time because we are 6 hours behind the east coast here.. But I still got quite a few things that will be waiting for me when I return!


Off to Maui!

By this time tomorrow I will be in Maui for 2 and a half weeks!! We are soo excited for a much needed vacation!!

balcony, taken a few years ago

While I am gone I will try to post here and comment on your lovely blogs, but no promises! I've asked my cousin, Christine, to do some guest posts, but I honestly don't know what she has planned! Hope you enjoy it!


What to Wear: Golfing

I always seem to get asked by my friends what to wear while golfing. None of them play often and will just go with their bf's or on a date, but still want to look the part. Well, I absolutely love the Ralph Lauren Golf Collection. So classic and you could (I do) wear the items separately when not at the course.

Brenda Neon Stretch Polo - Ralph Lauren Golf Polos -
Skorts are a must when it's hot out there!

Cassandra Striped Polo - Ralph Lauren Golf Polos -
Love this striped polo. 

Sleeveless Tournament Polo - Ralph Lauren Golf Polos -
Navy and white is always a favorite combo.

Pima Fleece Half-Zip Pullover - Ralph Lauren Golf Long-Sleeve -
Pink seersucker and white half-zip (a must for the evening when the temps drop)

Printed skorts are another popular option. Most golf clothing companies offer fun printed ones, but since I am sort of a print snob (blame LP) I'd rather purchase LP's and skip the others. My picks:

LP Jarvey Skort
Make sure the length is long enough for your club. I don't want to get anyone in trouble!

I suggest to my friends to use what they have if they are not going to take up golfing all the time. My must have items to build up a golf wardrobe are: 
  • White burmuda shorts
  • Colorful polos (I have a bunch of lacoste ones I wear)
  • White polo
  • Colorful shorts/burmudas (Sometimes I wear LP callahans or j.crew chino shorts, but not all clubs will allow this. Check before you go!)
  • Skorts (colorful and plain)
  • Belt
  • Half zip fleece
  • Fun socks
  • Golf shoes
Basically I just mix and match the polos with the burmudas/shorts/skorts. And throw on the half-zip when it gets chilly. Sometimes I like to wear a belt and tuck in my top, but not always! Just have fun with it!

Golf shoes can really help you "grip" the grass during your swing. There are a lot out there that are not very cute so make sure to shop around! A recent trend are golf shoes that don't have changeable spikes and can be worn on the street. These Puma golf shoes are the ones I currently have: 
PUMA Women's Golf Cat White/Puma Silver

But these Callaway's are another great stylish option that I will probably be getting next. 

I wear a StaSof FootJoy glove (which I think is the best) but there are other cute options out there too:
Houndstooth Ladies Golf Glove

Glove It - Bling Glove - Orangeade Bling

I don't wear a visor or hat but a lot of ladies do. Also, always remember your sunnies, it can be really bright out there!

A really great website with super cute and preppy golf stuff is Pinks and Greens. They literally have everything you could ever want. Even this:

color: Beaver Creek FLEECE
So cute! 

Remember the most important thing about golf is to have fun! 

Fall Handbag

I really want a new fall handbag. Of course I can't make up my mind which one! The options are: the Balenciaga City bag or Chanel Cavier Jumbo Classic Strap. Both are crazy expensive, but I've been on a quality vs. quantity kick. Basically I feel like I have a lot of great clothes but not that many great timeless bags. Besides my small LV collection of course, but I'm a little over it. 


Balenciaga City: I've wanted this bag for a long time, but is it too trendy? I may or may not "visit" this bag at my local nordstrom every time I'm at the mall..

Or the ever classic Chanel bag.. So timeless and I could pass this down to my children (that's how my vintage designer collection started) but why would I want to buy something just for future kids? Hmm...

Which would you choose??

My absolute dream bag would be a Birkin (I'm sure its everyone's) but the bf LOVES it! He is pretty obsessed with Hermes himself and wants to get me one someday! 

Golf Day Essentials

So, as you know we love golfing at our house. But it can be a long day if you play a full round and finish only when it's so dark that you can't see a thing. After a few too many days like that where I was ill prepared (hungry, tired, cold, bored), I've put together a list of essentials to bring out to the course.

First off, make sure to bring all your golf related things. Clubs, balls, tees, shoes, towel, etc, but if you golf you already know this.

I always make sure that I have a few snacks in my golf bag. I carry whole foods brand honey roasted peanuts for bf (he swears by them), and since I am allergic I also carry a bunch of fruit snacks and cheez-its all in individual sized servings. That way you can put them in weeks in advance and they will still be good when hunger strikes.

Food & Drinks
I get really hungry (see above) and I like to have as many options as possible. 

Beforehand I like to pick up a few deli sandwiches for when we like more than a snack later in the day. (Of course you could head over to the clubhouse for food & drinks, but we are pretty serious about getting as much time on the course as possible).  This is when my LP cooler comes in handy.  I keep sandwiches, candy bars or other food I want to keep cold (dip, salsa, etc) or not melt (chocolate) in here. A few of the GC's we frequent have coolers on the cart but its not always the case. 
I like this cooler so much better than a hard one because it fits in the cart easier.

I also like to bring a few sodas and beers! This is when my koozie & 6-pack cooler come in handy. 

Keepin my beer cool!

This thing is a great way to carry a lot of beer/soda!

Yes I literally bring all those things. I like to keep everything cool! And its better to separate the cans from the sandwiches because they will get smashed!

Sun Protection
It can get really hot out there, so make sure to bring some SPF! No one likes a lobster :)

A spray kind is easy and quick to apply!

I always bring a jacket, because in the bay area the fog rolls in at night and it can get pretty chilly! I prefer a half zip because it looks best with a polo. I don't want to talk too much about golf attire though because I'm planning a separate post on it!

Bringing a fully charged smart phone is a must! We have the golfshot gps app and if you want to use it and do anything else (fb, blogging) it better be fully charged! Also I tend to not want to play late so I have some down time when I'm done and I need to keep busy or I will fall asleep! My phone is a savior! 

That's it! Look for my post about golf outfits soon! I hope I didn't bore you all to death! Off to go play some golf this afternoon!

Have a lovely Friday!! 

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Good morning everyone! Today I am linking up with Jamie at WILW for my first installment of What I'm Loving Wednesday. 

I'm loving this song I heard on the radio this morning and I almost died laughing:

If only it wasn't true!! 

I'm currently obsessed with Chevron. I would love to decorate our house with it, but maybe its too trendy. So I'm currently rocking one of my Wall About You backgrounds with pink chevron and a pink monogram. 

  That reminds me, do you read Glitter Guide? Because you should!

I'm also loving getting ready for our Maui vacay next week. This time I need to pack well (the key is to start early!) because last time we went to Maui I literally forgot to bring a bathing suit for the bf! haha! 

view from our condo!

I'm also loving the upcoming sale at Ruelala for Lilly, the online Lilly sale starting the 23rd (we will be in Maui though) and of course Re-Lilly on fb! I just love finding Lilly deals!

Have a lovely day!

Bow Bracelets

As you probably know I love bows! And I love them on everything, shoes, jewelry, clothes, picture frames, literally anything! I may or may not be known to stash a hot glue gun in my cubbie to adorn my office supplies ie. tack pins, magnets etc with bows whenever the mood strikes... Anyways..  Recently I was ecstatic when I came across the cutest bow bracelets ever! Insert the Rachel Leigh bow bracelet:

It comes in a variety of colors, but I have the white and all gold. I would love to have the aqua and the coral too!

Since the bracelet is so thin it works well in an "arm party" or alone.

 Hope your having a happy Tuesday!


In the wedges vs. pumps battle wedges win for me hands down! Wedges are my absolute favorite in the summer and I would literally wear them everyday if I could. Recently I've been obsessed with these pink wedges (perfection!!)

Wore this to work last Friday. Not sure if these Bermudas were really work appropriate but whatev!

Wore my peel and eat shift on Sunday for errands and then an impromptu BBQ at my place.

Close up! Mr. Kitty wanted to get in on the action too. 

 Do you prefer wedges or pumps? Or does it depend on the season?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Back to work tomorrow and only 10 more days until our Maui vacay!! 

Bridal Shower Gifts

It seems these days that all my friends are getting married. Which is wonderful, I am beyond excited for all of them!! However, there are quite a few gift-giving opportunities that come along with all the festivities and if you don't plan correctly it can hurt your wallet! Along with that I like to get things that are more personalized to the couple. Hopefully that way they will absolutely love my gift!

For an engagement party (expected to spend less) my go-to gift would be to purchase these with the couples new last name initial:


For a bridal shower I've been really liking Haymarket Designs' monogramed trays:

Or Marley Lilly's cutting boards customized to their kitchen theme (when I haven't known their theme I used the style of their wedding invitations as a guide):

Or if you fell more comfortable sticking with the gift registry,  instead of giving them just 4 margarita glasses (or whatever) I've done a "theme" and put together a gift basket. For the margarita theme gift basket some skinny girl margarita is a must! along with flavored salt, cute coasters, you could even put it all in a drink bucket (with their monogram?!) and cute napkins. I'd really rather spend a little more time and effort to put together something much more memorable and fun!

What do you all for gifts? Do you have a "go-to" that you like to give a version of? Or do you give theme gifts like me? I love to hear your thoughts and ideas!